The Lotus Circle Dances of Tara in Northern California

The Lotus Circle Dances of Tara in Northern California The Lotus Circle Dances of Tara in Northern California The Lotus Circle Dances of Tara in Northern California

A San Francisco Bay Area chapter of 

Taradhatu International

The Meditation Practice


Tara is the female Buddha of Wisdom and Compassion

Tara is said to have been born from a tear shed by Avalokiteshvara, the Lord of Compassion.  Known as the wish-fulfilling goddess, she is swift to answer prayers and offers true refuge to all sentient beings.  She has vowed to remain in this world until all suffering has ended.

In her Green Aspect she represents Enlightened Activity.


The 21 Qualities of Tara

The Buddha Green Tara of Wisdom and Compassion contains within her these 21 Qualities:

Swift Protection~Creative Wisdom~Impeccable Virtue~All Victorious~Sublime Intelligence~Worthy of Honor~Invincible Courage~Destroys Negativity~True Refuge~Joy & Laughter~Distributor of Wealth~Auspicious Beauty~Irrestible Truth~Ferocious Compassion~Serene Peace~Destroyer of Attachment~Bliss & Joy~Transformer of Poison~Remover of Sorrow~Radiant Health~Complete Enlightenment


The Mandala Dance of the 21 Praises of Tara

The Text comes from an ancient Tibetan Buddhist meditation on the Buddha Tara.

30 years ago Prema Dasara, with the encouragement of her teacher Lama Sonan Tenzin, drew on her extensive dance experience to create simple, yet profound, movements.  Anahata Iradah provides the music.

Each dancer is born from the spiral Mandala embodying the essence of the Praise.  This process connects the participant to their own enlightened potential.  The benefits of this transformation are then dedicated outward to all beings. 


The Lotus Circle meets in Sebastopol the second Sunday of every month except December

Women, men, and teens are welcome.

No experience with dance or Buddhism necessary.

A Donation of $10-$15 requested.  No one turned away.

4:15 pm--Arrive


6:00-7:00--Potluck snacks

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Sebastopol Downtown Dance/Art Space

172 N Main St, Sebastopol, California 95472, United States

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